International Boxing Organization
International Boxing Organization


Honesty. Integrity. Trust.

From its inception, the IBO's mandate has been to bring these qualities to boxing. The record shows that we’ve been – and continue to be – successful. That's why world class talent like Lennox Lewis, Wladimir Klitschko, Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao, and so many others have been proud to wear our belt. And that’s why the IBO's objective, comprehensive computerized rankings remain the most reliable and honest in the sport.

When you associate with the IBO, you send a message to boxing. It's a statement of your commitment to maintaining credibility in the greatest, purest contest of human ability in the world. We're "The Champion Of Integrity", and we invite you to be part of the revolution.

IBO Mission Statement

What the I.B.O. Is:
1. We use the only independent objective computerized rankings in boxing today.
2. We abide by and work in conjunction with the rules and laws of State and Country Commissions.
3. We license only fair, honest and experienced judges, referees and commissioners of the highest integrity. (Licenses limited to 30 judges and 20 referees.)
4. Simple yet exact guidelines for champions.
5. We limit our role in boxing to ranking boxers, sanctioning matches authorized by our championship rules and awarding the championship title to the winner.
6. We are independent, honest and accessible and offer total disclosure of our financial records.
What the I.B.O. Is Not:
1. We do not use subjective ratings based upon politics, favoritism or pressure from promoters.
2. We do not impose self-serving mandatory defenses.
3. We do not “regulate” boxing. This is left to the local commissions. We do not overrule local jurisdictions or laws. We control only the title, not the event.
4. We are not controlled by promoters.

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